School Library Services

We try and work closely with school library services where possible to ensure as many schools as possible are utilising the full range of benefits they can receive from their SLS. Below details the offer we make for SLS's specifically. For more information about them please go to this page: School Library Services



Where we can we work with all School Library Services when organising our training programme, in order to ensure there isn't a clash between the courses we provide, and the ones the local SLS is planning. If the local service advertises our courses we will offer discount to SLS members in that area.

We also seek to support local services by advertising their training to our members, and ensuring that people are aware of their local service and what it offers, in return for a similar discount. 


When services purchase large numbers of our publications we offer significant discount on the cover price, and can offer sliding discounts for anything more than 10 copies. 


Some SLS's offer membership to the SLA as part of their subscription package - where this happens we work with the service and can offer discounts on membership packages. 


We include SLS's as part of the school library landscape, and explicitly include them in our conversations and thinking around advocacy.

The Future

We are keen to ensure our relationship with SLS's goes from strength to strength, so if there's a way we can help please get in touch. 

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