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SLYA Citation for Anne Robinson


  • Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College, Bedworth
    Nominated by Lesley King, Headteacher
Anne Robinson being presented with her Honour Certificate by SLA President Aidan Chambers
Anne Robinson being presented with her
Honour Certificate by SLA President Aidan Chambers

Staff and students enjoy reading and research because Anne makes the resources of the LRC accessible and fascinating. She’s built up a reading culture at the college that has been highly praised by OFSTED and LEA inspectors and always ensures that students with reading difficulties are well catered for. She believes passionately in inclusion. There are always exciting differentiated resources available in print and online. She has also created a STEPS reading programme for all yr 7 students leading to increased standards throughout the key stage and initiated a multimedia approach to information skills in collaboration with Subject Team leaders which has been widely reported in the professional press. “With Anne teaching you don’t have to interfere” say her teaching colleagues. “She makes subjects and lessons really interesting for students. Her lessons improve every year”. She’s seen as an equal and admired as a professional by the teaching staff who find it reassuring to know that the resources and everything they need will be there for them. They’re confident in referring students to her for help. Having her there makes the teachers lives easier. The students have got the view from Anne that books are fun and don’t want to go straight to the PCs. A curriculum entitlement plan ensures that all students are taught essential information skills. Anne is always keen to promote the LRC in the community and the innovative Family Learning programme started life in the LRC.

“Pupils choose to come to Anne’s LRC every day” say the 6th form. “It’s an amazing space which speaks for itself. It’s not just a place to read books. She gives students helpers a role and helps them excel at it. They’re know they’re needed and there’s a waiting list now.” Anne’s as passionate about reading for pleasure as harder-edged information literacy skills and ensures reading is always on the school radar screen. She has made reading cool, encourages wide reading and keeps pupils reading throughout their time at the school. She has created a league of keen readers and has had an amazing impact particularly on boys’ reading across the school. She has a relentless passion for reading. “She’s so well read herself she’s like an encyclopaedia of children’s books” say the students. “She’s inspirational to staff and students, one of the most hardworking people in the school and gives 200%. She is special, does a lot for the school, is conscientious, extremely organised, hardworking, reliable, thorough and very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and energetic and always keeps others going.” “Anne makes people want to work with her in all subject departments and makes things happen”, according to the Headteacher. “She’s a driver to cross curricular thinking in school. She goes way beyond what you could reasonably expect and it has a massive effect in school. She’s really started something here”.