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SLYA Citation for Jayne Gould


  • Broke Hall Community Primary School, Ipswich
    Nominated by Monica Adlem, Headteacher
Jayne Gould being presented with her Honour Certificate by SLA President Aidan Chambers
Jayne Gould being presented with her
Honour Certificate by SLA President Aidan Chambers

In a high-achieving school which has expanded greatly over the last ten years, Jayne has ensured that her library has successfully developed in tandem with that expansion. After many years’ experience as a children’s bookseller, Jayne became an enthusiastic parent volunteer working in the school library, and even at that early stage she was involved in stock selection and developed a family reading group. In 1999, with a new headteacher committed to making the library the focus for reading development in the school, Jayne was given a paid post, working 6 hours a week. Now she theoretically works 15 hours a week, but as we all know, the school library clock is different to everybody else’s.

Jayne’s library is large, busy, happy and welcoming. Bright colours and lots of posters and display material are much in evidence. The ‘Best Bits Wall’ is a brilliant idea left over from Children’s Book Week, and the Year 2 Pirate Week display was also very eye-catching. The book stock reflects the best of today’s literature for primary children, as well as the full range of National Curriculum requirements, all carefully selected by Jayne using her extensive knowledge and expertise. Her involvement in the annual School Improvement Plan also ensures that the developing needs of the library are given due priority.

Jayne sparkles when she is working directly with children. We observed Year 4 literacy groups talking about books received at Christmas, a Year 3 group exchanging books, a lunchtime book club and a Reception group taking their first steps in library induction. She clearly loves this work and is comfortable and relaxed in doing it. It was good to see Jayne sharing her own reading with the children, thus reinforcing the truth that reading for pleasure is for people of all ages. She is a good communicator who transmits her great enthusiasm for reading and learning to the children of the school, and the impact of this is seen statistically in literacy scores which have improved markedly over a five year period.

Jayne encourages parents to meet her at the start of each day to discuss the reading needs of individual pupils, and through her vast knowledge of books she is able to make astute recommendations, not only to the children themselves, but also to teachers and parents through discussion, booklists and newsletters. Jayne sits on the executive committee of the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, and has provided INSET and reading lists for Suffolk Education Department. Her reading lists are available on the County Council website. Her links with the Federation have enabled author visits and activity days to take place, and led to the introduction of many successful new ideas.

Jayne’s range of skills ensures that the library remains the focal point that the headteacher envisages. OFSTED’s latest report spoke of her “inspirational role”. Jayne is living up to high expectations, and delivering the vision.