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SLYA Citation for Sue Bussey


  • Derby High School for Girls
    Nominated by Bryan Cleary, Head of English
Sue Bussey being presented with her Honour Certificate by SLA President Aidan Chambers
Sue Bussey being presented with her
Honour Certificate by SLA President Aidan Chambers

In 6 years Sue has completely transformed a room of books into a comprehensive and professionally run library which is the hub of the school. The culture has changed and the atmosphere there is always very busy and hands-on. Sue has a vital role to play in inculcating good study habits and an ability to use libraries and in helping pupils integrate. It’s her role to find information and that’s clearly where Sue comes into her own. She has developed an information resources teaching programme for yrs7 and 8 which is fully integrated into the English Department’s literacy programme. She excels at prompting students with questions and offering ICT support. She’s good at suggesting alternate lines of enquiry and making learning come alive for pupils. She spends her free time reading and assessing teenage fiction in order to be better able to advise and guide the students’ personal reading. She gets the whole staff reading too. “There isn’t a book she hasn’t read!” She’s equally passionate about both reading and research.

At the same time she has successfully pursued a degree course in librarianship and actively continues her own professional development. In addition she has developed exciting links with the school’s junior and kindergarten departments, organised workshops with visiting authors, initiated shadowing of the major national book awards like Carnegie Greenaway and Smarties and organises literary Fundraising events for school charities. “She never turns down an opportunity to become involved and always finds a way to make things happen”. She knows every pupil in the school personally and is an unofficial agony aunt to many of them. Sue has knowledge, great enthusiasm and excellent communication skills, energy, creativity and dynamism. She is a key player in the learning process and students see her as central to their learning. “She is the best – she can always help with information, the internet and books” “She has a great enthusiasm for books, learning through them and enjoying reading, a good knowledge of her stock and a remarkable understanding of individuals” comment teaching staff. She’s clearly interested in all of the students individually and has a fascination for everything they’re interested in. “If Sue wasn’t in the library the girls would emerge at the end of their time in school less rounded, less complete”.