Sunflower Challenge: FAQs

FAQs and contact




Have a question? Check out our list of frequently asked questions or, if you can't find the answer there, get in touch with us at

Q. Will this only benefit refugees from Ukraine? 

A. No! Although we were prompted by recent news to begin the Read for Refugees Sunflower Challenge, UK for UNHCR supports refugees and asylum-seekers worldwide. 


Q. I’m a children’s/YA author and would like to get involved. How do I participate? 

A. We’d love you to contribute! We’re looking for authors to contribute video messages of encouragement, spread the word on social media using #ReadForRefugees, write blog posts and contribute prizes, etc. We would love it if you could join in the effort too. Children would love to see photos of their favourite authors Reading For Refugees along with them. Please reach out at  


Q. Do I have to be a school to participate? 

A. No! While many groups will encourage participation and donations through schools, individual children can absolutely still participate. All you need is a book and a sponsor.


Q. I represent a school. Where do I find relevant resources? 

A. Please explore our schools information page or contact if you have any further questions.


Q. Our school has already broken up for the holiday. Is it too late to participate? 

A. Absolutely not. While part of our impetus was to encourage holiday reading, it was a tight turnaround to set up the project, so we do not want to limit participation to the holiday. The competition will remain open until 31 May, and the JustGiving page most likely until September so children can take part during the Summer term and/or the summer holidays.


Q. I’d like to show the video competition and enter the competition with my class/club/group of children. Is that possible? 

A. Prizes can only be won by individuals. We recommend showing the video to your group and then encouraging them to enter the competition on their own. They can watch the video again themselves on the website. 


Q. What age of children can participate? 

A. The authors participating in the video competition are most likely to appeal to children in Years 4-9/P4-S3, but all ages can take part! 


Q. Is there a minimum or maximum donation to participate in the sponsored read? 

A. No. The minimum donation on JustGiving is £2. Schools and individuals may prefer to collect physical donations and donate in one lump sum to JustGiving.


Q. Are you on social media?

A. Please use the#ReadForRefugees hashtag to talk about the project and share your sunflower and reading photos, as we’d love to see them!


Q. What if I have more questions? 

A. Please contact us at