Sunflower Challenge: Information for Schools

Information for schools



Useful information and resources for schools looking to take part

While the Read for Refugees project can be completed individually, it’s designed for schools to get their pupils reading and taking positive action in the face of tragedy.


Schools can: 

  1. Show the launch video in an assembly or class, encouraging pupils to enter the competition individually (while you may want to show the launch video and discuss your guesses as a class, individual children must enter online in order to be eligible to win the prizes)
  2. Write home to parents/carers to encourage children to participate over the holiday – a sample letter you may wish to adapt can be downloaded below.
  3. Advertise the challenge with our flyers and posters. We have physical flyers and A3 posters available for you to request by emailing Alternatively, you can download the PDF by clicking below.
  4. Provide pupils with sunflowers to colour in representing each 50p, £1, or any other amount raised - you can decide what amount makes sense for your school - then display the sunflowers in school to celebrate (please share any photos of your sunflowers with us online using the #ReadForRefugees hashtag!). Download the black and white template below!
  5. Encourage pupils to participate in the Read for Refugees sponsored read, either over the Easter holiday or another period of time. Schools can raise money on site then donate as a lump sum, or perhaps more easily, simply direct those raising money/donating to our JustGiving page (you can also create your own JustGiving page for a school-wide version of the fundraiser, but if so, please do share it with us!), where all pledges and donations can be sent straight to the United Nations Refugee Agency by those who’ve agreed to sponsor children’s reading. Below you can download a chart that may help pupils keep track of their reading and their pledges. While part of our impetus was to encourage holiday reading, it was a tight turnaround to set up the project, so we do not want to limit participation to the holiday if schools wish to encourage children to join in during summer term. The launch video competition page will remain open until 31st May
  6. For teachers and librarians who would like to receive updates, please sign up using this form.
  7. You can also explore our FAQs if you have further questions