Delegates on this course will carry out their own action research projects in six sessions across the school year. 

You will be guided through the principles of research, supported in developing a methodology and then carry out your own project in your school library. Action research in a school library can cover any element which is important to your regular working life, whether it’s the impact of reading lessons, how information literacy skills deliver increased independence and understanding, or analysing the impact of digital events and engagement in the school library. It doesn’t matter if you have any experience in research or not, Meera Chudasama will ensure every delegate can take part with full confidence. 

The ticket cost includes access to Impact journal from the Chartered College of Teaching for a year. 

Audience: For more experienced school library staff

This course ran last year and some of the research project titles were: 

- To what extent does the secondary school librarian's direct contact with students encourage them to use a wider variety of resources?

- What is the ideal number of books loaned per week from a primary school library for a typical user?

- How do first and second year students in an Irish ETB second level college engage with digital reading platforms? Is student engagement influenced by teacher familiarity with digital platforms, teaching of those platforms, or by student interest alone?

When asked what they'd learnt previous delegates said:

- I learned much more about the research process

- That evidence can be anecdotal and even instinctual, rather than always quantifiable. That there does not need to be a huge amount of evidence if you have a variety of sources for that evidence. That I should have more confidence in my abilities. That I really love research and this type of writing.

When asked how it would benefit their work delegates said:

- I will be able to do more project research for my professional development and assist students in learning the steps

- It already has! I saw it as a way of supporting my desire for more direct contact with students. It has given me an excellent grounding for supporting the students.

6 x sessions 

Day: Thursday 

Time: 3-4pm

Session 1 - 14th Oct - Research Topic

Session 2 - 2nd Dec - Aims and Objectives

Session 3 - 13th Jan 22 - Methods, Methodology and Ethics

Session 4 - 24th Feb 22 - Data Collection

Session 5 - 24th March 22 - Findings and Results

Session 6 - TBC - Reflective and Reflexive Practice 

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Meera Chudasama

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Meera Chudasama is passionate about educational research; in particular making educational research accessible and digestible for those who work in schools. Alongside being a teacher, Meera feels most at home when she is supporting teachers, and now students, to conduct their own small-scale inquiries. From starting a conversation to getting the writing process going, she hopes to marry the world of academic research to classroom based research.