This will be particularly relevant at beginning of the year with the focus on extra curricular delivery, so join Kristabelle, School Librarian of the Year 2020/21, as she shares some of her tried and tested ideas to boost library use. 
This webinar will cover why extra-curricular activities are important, decision making and planning, and examples of clubs and activities you can organise. 
*This session will be recorded and made available to delegates after the event

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Kristabelle Williams

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Kristabelle Williams is Learning Resource Centre Manager at Addey and Stanhope School in Deptford, in the London Borough of Lewisham. She has been a school librarian for seven years and previously worked in public libraries. Kristabelle is currently the SLA School Librarian of the Year 2020-21. You can follow her on twitter @LibThroughThis and her library @addeyslibrary.