Schoolchildren need to ‘listen to a wide range of stories’, but are they getting the most from the storytelling you do? 

This lively webinar will make sure that your stories both motivate pupils to read, and show them the pleasure they can get from it.  It will build confidence and give fresh inspiration for everyone, covering picture books for all ages, across the whole primary range.  There’ll be down-to-earth advice (for both novices and confident storytellers) from an internationally-experienced storyteller: choosing stories that work; making stories interactive; holding children’s interest; dealing with interruptions; along with sure-fire book recommendations.  

Information sheets packed with more ideas and information will accompany the webinar, and if you practice the storytelling you learn, afterwards, there’ll be follow-up support from the webinar leader.  An entertaining session that will give everyone’s storytelling a lift!

As this is a webinar please note the price may vary if you live overseas and different VAT rates apply. 

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Alec Williams

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Alec Williams is a trainer, speaker, and international storyteller, whose work takes him around the UK and across the world, working with all ages from early years to mid-teens.  With wide experience of children’s books through a career in libraries, Alec includes picture books, children’s fiction and poetry in his high-energy storytelling sessions, so he’s an ideal leader for this webinar.  A former School Library Association Chair, an Honorary Member of CILIP’s Youth Libraries Group, and one of the National Literacy Trust’s ‘Reading Champions’ for his work with boys, Alec is a frequent visitor to schools, and is full of down-to-earth practical advice that will give new confidence to every teacher.  His training is rich in humour, anecdotes, extracts and examples.  For more information see, from where you can also get in touch with Alec.