We all have to deal with conflict at work – and elsewhere! So how can we improve our ability to handle conflicts well?

This webinar looks at the 5 key approaches people use when conflicts arise:

·       Avoid

·       Compromise

·       Compete

·       Collaborate

·       Co-operate

All the options are good if used at the right time but also have disadvantages if used too often.

By the end of the webinar you will be able to identify your usual approach and have some practical tips on how to use the other approaches more effectively so you can be more flexible in your responses. 

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Amanda Whiteford

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Amanda’s background is in HR and she has worked at Board level supporting senior leaders to deliver their strategic goals through their people.  Her business background is in banking and engineering and she has run her own consultancy business, a semi-professional theatre company and worked with Citizens Advice as well as being a school governor.  

Learning and development have been a particular focus; recruiting and developing apprentices, graduates, and management alike, and she is passionate about life-long learning.  She is currently an Executive Coach supporting business leaders with their career and leadership development.