The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way we can operate our school libraries and it is possible that some of these changes will be permanent. However, this does not mean the school library cannot be effective in supporting teaching and learning and the wide remit of the school. This online course will cover some basics in terms of how we reposition the library and our roles as librarian, how we utilise our resources and expertise/service even if this is virtual rather than physical to maximise our impact on teaching and learning. The focus will be on developing information literacy expertise to support teaching colleagues and students.

This course is suitable for library staff or anyone who has responsibility for library resources in their school – Primary or Secondary. It will be held over 2 days. Each session will last three hours and forty five minutes with plenty of interactivity and discussion. There will be a short exercise to complete between the sessions.

Part one - Tuesday 18th May - 09.15 to 13.00

Part two - Thursday 20th May - 09.15 to 13.00

Aims and Objectives

To understand how the library service offered may need to develop as a result of the recent COVID 19 pandemic in response to the impact it has had more generally on teaching and learning.

·        To be aware of changes that might be needed to the role of the librarian in order to demonstrate value.

·        To unpack what is meant by the term information literacy and understand why it is an essential life skill

·        To learn how to support teaching colleagues and students by familiarising them with information literacy tools and resources for cross curricular teaching and learning



·        A knowledge of what is meant by information literacy and how this can be used to support your school community in virtual or blended learning.

·        A better awareness of how to develop your library into a cross curricular service using wider resources and expertise

·        An understanding of how your school will benefit from the cross curricular library service you provide.

Participants will be provided with course handouts after they have completed both days.  

Please note, we will not be making a recording of this event.

Speaker Info

Speaker Name

Sarah Pavey

Speaker Details

Sarah has worked as a school librarian for many years, both in the independent and maintained sectors. She has published several professional books and is also a co-author of "The Innovative School Librarian". She has spoken at numerous library and educational conference and training events. Sarah is passionate about the retention of school libraries and library staff and feels the key to this lies in a strategic approach to show impact and value. This course will provide a taster of how this might be achieved.

Sarah has a degree in Biochemistry, has a Masters in Information Science and holds a post 16 teaching certificate She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals (CILIP) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. 


Twitter @Sarahinthelib