This webinar will start with a quick look at how humanity through the ages has always relied on communication via pictures (even before written language came along), followed by an analysis of how the comics of a certain famous American superhero have changed over the decades. The purpose of this presentation is to show librarians, teachers and parents how comics work, how they've evolved since the mid 20th century and how they form storytelling and literacy connections with younger readers. 

As this is a webinar please note the price may vary if you live overseas and different VAT rates apply. 

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Paul Register

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Paul Register is a school librarian from Sheffield who has also worked as a Literacy Consultant specialising in comics and graphic novels. Paul has spent 19 years working in school libraries in South Yorkshire (four secondary schools and a sixth form college, although not all at the same time!) and has been a comics reader since he first started reading anything! He is also the founder and organiser of the hugely successful Excelsior Award, the UK’s biggest book award for graphic novels where students decide the winners. This award has grown from 17 participating schools in 2011 and now regularly attracts over 200 schools! It is separated into four colour-coded categories to cover comics readers from ages 8 to 18. 

Paul has also given talks at schools, libraries and conferences across the UK and is passionate about using comics and graphic novels to create a genuine love of reading and of stories in children, irrespective of their reading ability, gender, race or religion.