Join us for an online weekend course featuring speakers who will provide you with plenty to think about; authors who will entertain you and the networking and conversation of colleagues. 

This year we're utilising RD Mobile to provide an online event platform which means you can see who else is attending, read papers and watch videos in advance of the course; and you'll have access for 2 months after which will give you time to watch any bits you missed, and re-watch any favourite content. 


Early bird members' price: £120; Members price: £170.

Early bird non-members price: £150; Non-members' price: £200.

Exhibitors' early bird £50; exhibitors' price £120.

All prices exclude VAT. The early bird pricing is available until 14th May 2021.

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Sessions include:

Richard Gerver - A Manifesto for Change 

Education is the most important factor determining the future of our children, our economy, our society and ultimately our planet. Richard uses his experience-driven insights to clarify the vision, thinking and processes we must adopt if we are to develop a system that prepares our young people for the future. 

Richard Gerver is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, world-renowned thinker and President of the SLA. 

Barbara Allan - Leading from the Middle

School librarians are often leading from the middle, and must achieve their strategic aims by working with at least one and often many layers of management. This can be extremely challenging, particularly as colleagues may have pressing priorities other than the library. What ideas from leadership and management are relevant to helping school librarians be successful in these turbulent times? 

Barbara Allan is an author whose background includes managing workplace, college, and university libraries.

Kerry Jordan-Daus - Why are we still Talking about Equality for Women

WomenEd shines a light on the systemic and structural barriers in our system, where women are under represented, paid less, marginalised and denied opportunities. Working together we seek to shake the table and make changes for all women to be heard, seen and be the future change leaders. 

Kerry has spent over 30 years in education. She is still involved in teaching teachers and is a Leadership Couch currently finishing the writing of her Doctoral Thesis on Women in Education Leadership.

Meera Chudasama - Read. Research. Reflect.

This session will dive into what the role of research enquiry is for schools, and will consider what role librarians can play in a research-informed community. The lecture aims to inspire and inform, as well as provide a shared space to discuss how you can develop your own small-scale inquires and understand what opportunities arise in research. 

Meera Chudasama is a teacher and Research Lead and Editor of Innovate Journal, highlighting her love of encouraging and motivating teachers to become teacher-researchers.

National Foundation for Educational Research - The Latest in Research on Reading

Get an update on the very latest of reading and literacy research. 

The National Foundation for Educational Research was founded in 1946 as a centre for educational research and development in England and Wales.

Darryl Toerien and Dr Barbara Stripling - Inquiry: An Educational and Moral Imperative

The *IFLA School Library Guidelines*, rooted in the *IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto*, remind us that the school library exists to serve its educational purpose - improving teaching and learning for all - and its moral purpose - making a difference in the lives of young people. While equally important, our educational purpose forms the frontline of our struggle to secure a vital future for our libraries. In order to fulfil our educational purpose, we must *actually* be essential to the educational process, as both the *Manifesto* and *Guidelines* proclaim. As a student-centred educational process to which the school library *is* essential, inquiry not only enables us to fulfil our educational purpose, but *also* our moral purpose, and so becomes our educational and moral imperative.

Darryl is an elected member of the Section Standing Committee for School Libraries of IFLA, a co-opted member of the Board of the School Library Association (UK) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. In 2019, he founded the FOSIL Group to better support the growing international community of librarians and teachers who are using FOSIL to frame learning. Barbara Stripling recently retired as Senior Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Practice in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. Prior to this she led the development of the *New York City Information Fluency Continuum* (NYIFC) - a PK-12 (Reception-Year 13) continuum of the skills that librarians teach to empower students to be lifelong learners - which was based on her influential model of the inquiry process. 

Other sessions available include:

  • How do successful people build their career and get noticed? with Amanda Whiteford 
  • Collaborative leadership with Emma O’Brien 
  • Growing support networks with Sue Bastone 

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