This webinar is perfect for any school staff or parent support groups who are looking to re-establish, re-furbish or design from scratch a school library. This will cover the basics for primary and secondary schools; and there will be plenty of time for questions at the end. 

Topics covered:

  • Creating the physical environment: furniture, design, things to watch out for
  • Books – organisation and shelving requirements
  • Engaging staff in the design process
  • The role of pupil voice in design
  • Displays and ongoing engagment across the reading year”
  • Quick, cheap wins for big impact

Speaker Info

Speaker Name

Catherine Millar

Speaker Details
Catherine Millar is an experienced Primary Teacher, Governor, former Assistant Headteacher, and mother of 3 with a passionate interest in reading and children’s literature. She has taught in schools in inner-city Glasgow, the North East and rural North Yorkshire and has worked with children in pre-school settings as well as throughout KS1 and KS2. Her experience in promoting reading for pleasure has transformed outcomes for children in schools where she has worked, and through her consultancy, Reading for Pleasure UK Ltd, she has helped teachers transform school libraries into vibrant reading hubs. Her three children (15, 12 & 8) all flit between being bookworms & screen addicts, so she is well aware of the difficulties parents face in encouraging their own child to read and the benefits created by schools working alongside parents to motivate reading.