Is your school library in need of a reboot? Are your classroom book corners in need of some TLC? Or perhaps you are starting from scratch?

The School Library Association believes that every pupil is entitled to effective school library provision. 

To create an instant buzz about books in your school, join teacher and library consultant, Kate Spurrier, for this webinar, which will prompt you to think about:·

- What reading related assets your school already has

- How they are being used

- The benefits of effective library provision

- Discovering new resources

- Evidencing the impact on reading for pleasure

Speaker Info

Speaker Name

Kate Spurrier

Speaker Details

Kate is a qualified teacher specialising in language acquisition, reading and phonics, with more than 20 years of expertise in facilitating learning for children, young people and adults. 

She is experienced at managing activities and events in school and public libraries to foster a love of books and raise the profile of reading. Skilled in supporting the development of reading cultures across whole school communities, Kate brings a wealth of innovative ideas to make reading experiences creative, inclusive, informative and fun! 

As an independent consultant, Kate offers expert guidance to explore how to achieve a ‘reading school’ status, tailored for your school’s individual needs.