We know every student will come back after the summer at a different stage in their individual reading journey.  

For our first webinar of the academic year, we are looking at how we can meet pupils where they are, and encouraging them along a pathway to become lifelong readers. 

In this session, Caroline Sense from Read for Good will explore ways in which we can harness what we know about reading for pleasure and share with you some ideas for encouraging your pupils to 'choose reading' when competition from virtual worlds makes is increasingly harder for reading to gain the attention it deserves.

This 1 hour webinar is free for members and will be recorded. 

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Caroline Sence

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Caroline began her career as a teacher in the projects of Brooklyn, New York, where she saw first hand the impact that reading and literacy skills have on life chances. Since moving to the UK Caroline has worked for the National Literacy Trust, National Children's Bureau and the West London Zone, the UK's first collective impact initiative. Caroline is now a part of the team at Read for Good, a national charity that works to motivate children to read in schools, community settings, and hospitals across the UK. As a working mum to three children (one with dyslexia, and one adopted in early childhood) she has a real understanding of how hard it is to get kids reading, and an unrelenting passion to make sure every child has a chance to become a reader.