Want to impress your Senior Leadership / Governors / parent body with what you have managed to achieve this year, despite the restrictions? Worried that writing a report isn't worth it as it won't be appreciated? 

Got to the end of term feeling like you've not managed to accomplish much? That won't be the case, and some reflection with a supportive peer group can really help.  

Writing an annual report can feel time consuming and unrewarding - but presented well and in the right hands, it could ensure your library goes from strength to strength. Rather than leaving the whole year to the end, throughout this year we'll be holding termly workshops to support you with the process. 

This session will give you the time to make a start on your annual report, reflect on the term, and hear why annual reports are worth investing the time in. Share your successes and challenges with a group who will understand and encourage. This session will be hosted by Alison Tarrant, CEO, and will be discussion based, practical and you'll even be emailed a ready to use report template in advance. 

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Alison Tarrant

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CEO, School Library Assocation