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  • Bringing Picture Books Alive - webcast

    Trainer: Alec Williams

    Schoolchildren need to ‘listen to a wide range of stories’, but are they getting the most from the storytelling you do? 

    This lively webinar will make sure that your stories both motivate pupils to read, and show them the pleasure they can get from it.  It will build confidence and give fresh inspiration for everyone, covering picture books for all ages, across the whole primary range.  There’ll be down-to-earth advice (for both novices and confident storytellers) from an internationally-experienced storyteller: choosing stories that work; making stories interactive; holding children’s interest; dealing with interruptions; along with sure-fire book recommendations.  

    Only £20.00


  • Information literacy and learning through inquiry - webcast

    Trainer: Elizabeth Hutchinson

    Understanding the place and role of information literacy within inquiry is of vital importance for school library staff because they are a teacher’s natural partner in enabling the information-to-knowledge journey of pupils. This webinar will explore how you can draw on your information literacy skill set to enable collaborative learning through inquiry. Daniel Callison reminds us in The Evolution of Inquiry, information literacy has been a concept enveloped within inquiry since the mid-1980s. Inquiry, as defined by the Galileo Educational Network , is “a dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlement and coming to know and understand the world, and as such it is a stance that pervades all aspects of life and is essential to the way in which knowledge is created”. 

    Only £20.00


  • Planning successful library events - webcast

    Trainer: Margaret Pemberton

    Have you wanted to plan an event for your school, but never had the confidence or information to achieve your dreams? We know that for those who have never done one, the idea of planning a library event can seem very daunting.


    Whether it is a quiz, an author visit, workshops or discussion groups, there are many hurdles to jump and challenges to face. However with a bit of understanding and planning it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of working in a school library. This session will hopefully answer some of your questions, provide some inspiration and give you a framework for creating a successful event. 

    Only £20.00


  • Graphic novels up to year 7 - webcast

    Trainer: Paul Register

    This webinar will start with a quick look at how humanity through the ages has always relied on communication via pictures (even before written language came along), followed by an analysis of how the comics of a certain famous American superhero have changed over the decades. The purpose of this presentation is to show librarians, teachers and parents how comics work, how they've evolved since the mid 20th century and how they form storytelling and literacy connections with younger readers. 

    Only £20.00


  • It takes a village - webcast

    Trainer: Richard Gerver

    Richard will explore the qualities we all need in order to make a difference to the young people who count on us, to prepare them for the challenges of their future. He will share his insights as a former teacher and head and from the last decade, which has seen him work across a number of sectors and with everyone from the British Olympic team to Google. The session will celebrate the simple human behaviours that can make a huge difference to all our futures.

    Only £20.00


  • Graphic novels: secondary and beyond - webcast

    Trainer: Dr Mel Gibson

     Mel will share some graphic novels for readers aged eleven and over. She will also explore how comics and graphic novels can support aspects of the curriculum. In addition, she will look at what skills readers need to get to grips with the medium and talk about promoting collections.

    Only £20.00


  • Engaging reluctant readers and tips for using AR effectively - webcast

    Trainer: Linzi Heads

    Are you a school librarian or lead for literacy in your school? 

    Are you tired of hearing “I don’t like reading” and “books are boring” or “there are no good books to read” or the biggest insult there is… “I wouldn’t be seen dead in the school library!” If this sounds familiar, then this is the webinar for you. Full of practical hints and tips on engaging reluctant readers in KS3. 

    Ideas that have been tried and tested over the years and that are easy to implement. Included is some advice on using Accelerated Reader, Star Reading and Myon effectively in your school library - from someone who uses it everyday! How to get your reluctant students reading and, more importantly, keep them reading. 

    We all know that this is especially challenging during these unprecedented times, so this webinar will also share some practical ideas on how to keep students engaged and reading at home.

    Only £20.00


  • Library Design - webcast

    Trainer: Catherine Millar

    This webinar is perfect for any school staff or parent support groups who are looking to re-establish, re-furbish or design from scratch a school library. It will cover the basics for primary and secondary schools.

    Topics covered:

    • Creating the physical environment: furniture, design, things to watch out for
    • Books – organisation and shelving requirements
    • Engaging staff in the design process
    • The role of pupil voice in design
    • Displays and ongoing engagment across the reading year”
    • Quick, cheap wins for big impact

    Only £20.00


  • Framework of Skills for Inquiry Learning (FOSIL) - webcast


    Framework of Skills for Inquiry Learning, or FOSIL, is a way of supporting all learners in their research and inquiry learning. This webinar will talk you through what FOSIL is and how it works, whilst also giving you access to resources to support learning through inquiry that you can freely use and adapt under Creative Commons with attribution. Following on from the 'Information Literacy and Inquiry learning' webinar, this will focus exclusively on FOSIL, showing how inquiry learning can be supported throughout primary and secondary, and giving you the tools to implement it in your own schools. This webinar is for anyone who supports research projects through primary and secondary including but not exclusively IB, EPQ, and HPQ projects 

    "I really enjoyed working with you on a year 6 project about inspirational leaders. The children and I learnt so much about research skills. You've introduced me to the fantastic FOSIL group and we're using this structure going forward. Thank you!”  Connie Armstrong, Teacher

    "The training helped me to build on what I know professionally, extending my knowledge, new ideas, practical and I can take it back to school to use tomorrow". School librarian 

    Only £20.00



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