SLA Secondary School Librarian of the Year Award

The SLA Secondary School Librarian of the Year Award recognises the amazing school library staff who work so hard to bring reading and learning alive for pupils. 

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2023 Award Winners

Announcing the 2023 SLA Award Winners

Be Inspired by Our 2023 Winner

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Bridget shares her top tips for how to get pupils engaged with the school library - by thinking like a bookseller.

SLYA 2024 Timeline

  • Submissions Open - July 2023
  • Submissions Close - December 2023
  • Finalists Announced - June 2024
  • Winners Announced - July 2024

Derek France receives his award from author illustrator Steve Antony in 2022

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The aim of this award is to raise the profile of school librarians so that everyone can understand the value of what they do and become school library supporters.

It's too late to nominate for SLYA 2024 but if you think your Secondary School Librarian is worth shouting about, don't forget to nominate them next year.


The School Librarian of the Year Award is run entirely on sponsorship kindly donated by friends and supporters of the Award. No money is taken from the SLA budget so all staff time, the cost of judging, prizes for the winners and the final award ceremony must be covered by the sponsors' donations.

The 2023 Secondary School Librarian of the Year is sponsored by Sora, the reading app from OverDrive.

Chatting to Bridget Hamlet

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We chat to the winner of the 2023 School Librarian of the Year about what it was like to be part of the awards process.

Your Guide to Applying for the 2024 SLA Awards

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All your questions answered about how to apply for the SLA awards and why they are so important for the sector.

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