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If it is possible that you or your school already has a membership with us, please complete the contact form so we can check before you create a new account. 

Want to get a taste of what SLA membership could do for you? You can try our offer with our new, FREE membership option. There’s no obligation, and no expiry date.





Members enjoy many benefits including professional networking opportunities, quarterly journal, discounts on events and in the shop and up-to-date information on industry news.





For schools, academies and colleges. The same benefits as individual membership, but entitles up to 10 members of staff access. You can add additional copies of our journal, and access to our CPD Library.





This option is for students, retirees and those without an income (proof of status needed).





Overcoming the Budget Barrier

Want to benefit from SLA membership, but struggling to find the funds? 

Check out these 4 ideas that could help you fund your membership.