SLA Information Book Award

The Information Book Award is an annual event, now in its thirteenth year, and was a major development for information books. It has been designed to support school libraries and to reinforce the importance of non-fiction whilst highlighting the high standard of resources available.

As well as a panel of judges from education there is also the Children's Choice - where children vote for their favourites in each category and overall favourite - each winner is presented with a trophy. We release the shortlist with activities that can be easily implemented in a school library or classroom setting. 

IBA News

SLA Announces Winners of IBA 2023

Announcing the Judges' Choice and Children's Choice winners of the Information Book Award 2023.

How To Run the IBA in Your School

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Why Are Information Books Important?

Reading information books for personal interest and pleasure gives children and young people the opportunity to follow their natural curiosity, explore new areas of knowledge and build on existing interests. The books they encounter will provide models for their own writing.

Download a free guide about how to encourage the children and young people in your school to read more information books.

IBA Book Club for Schools

Thanks to funding from the Foyle Foundation, we have been able to gift nearly 200 schools with a pack of FREE shortlisted books over the past two years. This has enabled even more students to engage with some of the best information books, evaluating them and voting for their favourites.



The SLA Information Book Award is run entirely on sponsorship kindly donated by friends and supporters of the Award. No money is taken from the SLA budget so all staff time, the cost of the judging, prizes for the winners and the final award ceremony must be covered by the sponsors' donations.

The SLA Information Book Award is sponsored by Hachette Children's Group and is supported by Peters Books and Furniture.

Buy Your Books

Discounted packs of shortlisted books in each age category are available to buy from Peters. 

Children's Choice Voting 

Every year, children are invited to vote for their favourite book in each category. Many thanks to everyone who voted in the 2023 Children's Choice - it was our biggest vote ever!


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