Community Award

The Community Award

This is a new award, created by the School Library Association to celebrate high quality working partnerships which exist in so many schools across the country. 

This award recognises the community effort, so it could go to a School's Library Service, an external team, or even a local business who goes ‘above and beyond’ to support a school library. It will also be open to individuals who have supported schools, and we reserve the right to award to a team and an individual in one year as the contributions they make will vary so widely. 

This award is proudly supported by ALCS.

Submissions close 20th January 2022.

Award Details


  • The support should demonstrate some form of sustainability 
  • It should not be simply one way, but a partnership of mutual benefit which extends beyond a commercial agreement
  • The nominated support can be in the form of financial, infrastructure, advice, resources or other 
  • Innovative ideas are welcome, with practical applications
  • Educational objectives to be linked to the Library/School Development Plan


  • June: nominations open
  • 20th January: nominations close
  • January: shortlisting meeting
  • February: Requests for further information if required
  • March: Winner decision meeting
  • June: Awards celebration


Chaired by an SLA trustee, and all judges have a maximum term of 3-5 years. There should be a mix of experience and there should be about 5 judges in total.

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