Enterprise Award

Enterprise of the Year Award

This is a new award, created by the School Library Association to showcase the spectacular work which is happening in school libraries at the moment. Work which develops literacy, community and independence in children. 

This award celebrates one-off or progressive projects (rather than regular library activity) such as a rebuilding/refurbishment, or a whole school information literacy project. There are no restrictions as to what the project is, but submissions should be able to demonstrate the need for the project. 

The award is open to SLA members in state, academy and private SLA members, of all age groups in the UK.

Submissions close 20th January 2022.

Award Details


  • Is there evidence of imaginative use of resources in the form of space, stock or other materials?
  • What has been the impact of this project on pupils/the school as a whole/the sector?
  • What challenges were encountered/overcome?
  • How was engagement and consultation with the benefitting community conducted?
  • What were your objectives and how were they met?


June: Open submissions 

20th January: Close submissions

(Depending on the number of entries, long/short listing will take place during this time.)

June: Awards evening to announce winner


Chaired by an SLA trustee, and all judges have a maximum term of 3-5 years. There will be a mix of experience and about 5 judges in total. 

The Sponsor

We are currently looking for a sponsor for this award. 

If you'd like to know more please contact Elly Roberts on elizabeth.roberts@sla.org.uk.


Further Information