Get Everyone Reading

Get Everyone Reading

This publication is free for all schools to download, and is a 'primer' for how to go about encouraging reading for pleasure in your school. 

Author Alec Williams said: “This is a personal guide, from me to you.  It includes things to smile at, things to surprise you, and things to spur you on.  Let’s use it to bring reading alive!”

Get Everyone Reading

World Book Day is all about “changing lives through a love of books and shared reading”, and so there couldn’t be a better time to release this download. It will serve as a guide through all the different elements which create a reading culture, as well as briefly touching on why reading for pleasure is so beneficial.

The two appendices include an ‘Ideas Bank’ and a list of reading celebrations throughout the year, so you can discover more ways and more days to continue encouraging reading for pleasure.

SLA CEO, Alison Tarrant said: "This is essential reading for all school staff, as a true reading culture involves all staff and even the wider community. There are so many profound concerns about our young people at the moment, and we are pleased to offer this guide for all to support them in encouraging reading as an inclusive and engaging activity. Reading is an incredibly powerful tool for learning, but it also allows us to relax and there are many links between reading and wellbeing.

At this time we are encouraging everyone to think about small things they can do to encourage reading so all children can experience all the benefits, and this publication is a great first step."

Click on the image to the right to download your copy or download here

"Read this today, it is great. Informative and practical, a super resource for teachers & librarians. Thanks Alec & SLA!" - Reviewer
Learn more by watching the accompanying video from author Alec Williams, and read his Q&A.

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From online training to webinars, we can support your school when it comes to reading for pleasure. Below is a list of some of the resources and ways we can help:

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  • Reading Recommendations - get personalised reading recommendations for a class or individual. Tell us a little about them and we'll send you some books they may like. 
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