Wellbeing through Reading

Wellbeing through Reading

An innovative digital platform for measuring and continually monitoring the link between a pupil’s attitude to reading and their wellbeing.

'Wellbeing through Reading' is the result of a partnership between the SLA and Bounce Together. Using our specialist knowledge about attitudes to reading, and their specialist knowledge on digital surveys, we have created a platform that allows you to gather the data you need to make informed choices about interventions and activities regarding your pupils' reading and well-being. 

"Once a quick, easy and user-friendly survey has been completed by either the pupil or staff member, you can then immediately see the results and set up an action that same day." Aimee Cave, assistant head at a primary school

The system is pre-loaded with these surveys, and you can choose when you use them, or you can create your own. They are a great activity to do at the beginning of term to quickly get to know the reading habits of your class or year group, as well using them throughout the year to measure ongoing perceptions of reading and well-being. 

There's a wealth of research that shows the benefits of reading for mental health, empathy and lowering stress levels so these work together, and by improving a child's attitude to reading they are more likely to do it, enhancing not only their reading attainment, but benefiting from the host of other benefits of reading for pleasure as well. 

The best thing is, an SLA membership is included in each subscription, so when you get the results you're not simply left thinking 'great, but what does this mean?'. Whether you're in a school without a librarian, or you just need some ideas and guidance you can call the SLA to discuss a way forward for your class, year group or multi academy trust (existing SLA members who join Wellbeing through Reading will receive a refund on their membership fee).

Each month the SLA host a Wellbeing through Reading demo. You can find the latest one (and our other events) here: https://www.sla.org.uk/events

Find out more: https://www.bouncetogether.co.uk/products-wellbeing-through-reading


See how to interpret Data from the Attitude to Reading Survey (Questions 1 - 3) with CEO Alison Tarrant. To book a demo go to www.bouncetogether.co.uk/forms/book-a-demo