Who does the SLA support?

We primarily support school library staff in primary, secondary and sixth forms. But whether you're a teacher, librarian, HR manager, school leader, governor or parent volunteer, we support everyone involved in establishing a school reading culture. Find the relevant section below to discover how we can support you to maximise the benefits or your library, build a reading culture or deliver information and research skills. 

We also believe in playing a full role, making sure that publishing, education and libraries are supported when we can. 

Whether you're a member or not, you can ensure that every child has the best education possible, and we can help you. 

School Library Staff

We support everyone involved in developing a school reading culture. To discover how SLA membership could benefit you and your school, click here.

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For all authors, illustrators, poets, graphic designers and others involved with creating books. From reviewing your book to inviting you to events, creators are the lifeblood of children reading - no books, no readers.

If you're an educational consultant supporting literacy, reading and wellbeing we can help you stay up to date with the latest research and publications, as well as advertise your services to schools.

Does your company want to give back to the community? Do you believe in raising children that are literate and able to engage in democracy? School libraries support all pupils so are a very effective way of achieving your aims. Find out more about how we can help you meet your aims. 

We do a range of resources to support educational Human Resource Managers and teams make the most of their library staff, and promote understanding of the role and its demands. From job descriptions to interview programmes and questions, find out more about how we can support you.

We want all reading environments to be as effective as possible, and much of this is down to the leadership of schools, from governors and headteachers to the line manager of the librarian/learning resource centre/reading lead which is why we support the whole school; not just the library staff. 

We want to support publishers and the publishing industry as much as possible - without amazing books you can't have life changing, wow causing, utterly enthralling school libraries. Whether you're one of the big five or a micro-press get in touch to find out which opportunities are available. 

Governors have an important role to play in supporting school libraries. We can help you understand what the impact of a school library can be, what appropriate funding looks like, and how you can better support your library.

The SLA provides support for those Trusts who are looking to support their school libraries, build a reading culture or promote media and information literacy across a group of schools.